About RAW (Reading Ancient Words)

Would you like to experience the Bible in the original languages - just by reading English? That is the goal of Reading Ancient Words - transparency.
We want to create a reading experience in English that is as close to the original as possible. Our intent is to bring out the diversityconsistency, and clarity of the original. 
Reading Ancient Words helps readers:
  • Enhance reading in their favorite translation. With RAW, readers know how to look up a word and gain insight into its grammar.
  • Move towards self translation. RAW teaches the basic understanding of any passage - understanding which a reader, group leader, or Bible teacher can share with others.
  • Provide a transparent translation. The ultimate goal of RAW, Lord willing, is to publish the entire scriptures in English that is true to the diversityconsistency, and clarity of the original. We will start with significant portions of the Bible: the Jesus narratives (Gospels) and Acts.

RAW Projects

Greek Dictionary

Status: Complete

Key to understanding a Greek word is knowing its ancestry. What is the root of the word? In the NT Greek vocabulary, what prefixes or other roots were added to create this word?
The RAW Greek Dictionary benefits curious Bible readers, Greek students, and Bible translators. It allows the reader to see in an instant the word in its word family.

Sample of the RAW Dictionary in print format. See this groundbreaking work for yourself.