October 29, 2020

Submit or Obey?

Stay true to Jesus, no matter how people treat you.

As a Christian, am I supposed to obey the government?
What did Peter and Paul tell us?
Every soul must submit themself to the highest authorities, for there is no authority except by God, and those which are, are arranged by God. Romans 13:1, RAW
Therefore (it is) a requirement to submit oneself... Romans 13:5, RAW

The word here for submit is
ὑποτάσσω hupotasso ~ verb: submit. G5293.
The rest of the stem:
ὑποταγή hupotage ~ noun: submission. G5292.
ἀνυπότακτος anupotaktos ~ adj: unsubmissive. G506.
It means to arrange under, to order under. Submitting says "I rank lower than you."
By the way, every authority is "arranged by God"--submit is literally "under-arranged". Same root word.

Submit is not obey

Obey is this word stem
ὑπακοή hupakoe ~ noun: obedience. G5218.
ὑπακούω hupakouo ~ verb: obey. G5219.
ὑπήκοος hupekoos ~ adj: obedient. G5255.

We are told to obey righteousness, not sin.
Have you+ not known that, while you+ present yourselves slaves to someone for obedience, you+ are slaves to the one you obey! Whether sin to death, or obedience to righteousness. Romans 6:16, RAW
We are told to submit to the governing authorities. This is a totally different idea.
Obedience is whole-hearted. Obedience is they say "jump" and you jump! No questions, no disagreement. You are in total agreement with the one you obey.

Submitting is not total agreement.
Daniel submitted to the authorities when he was told, "You prayed wrong, you have to die."
Peter and John submitted to the authorities when they were arrested. But when the authorities said "Stop teaching in Jesus' name," did Peter and John obey? No! They basically replied "We can't stop ourselves!" (Acts 4:3, 18-20)
And when all twelve apostles were arrested, and reminded not to teach in Jesus' name, Peter replied
"It is necessary to yield to the rule of God more than humans!" Acts 5:29, RAW
As punishment they were flogged. 
How did the twelve handle this? They rejoiced! They had stayed true to the name of Jesus Christ, even when punished unjustly.
They didn't resist. They didn't retaliate. They didn't even talk about how evil their authorities were. They focused on the fact that they were reliable servants of Jesus the Christ.

Stay true to Jesus, no matter how people treat you.

Submit is in the middle voice
Here and pretty much all through the New Testament, "submit" is expressed as "submit yourself".
No one should have to force you to submit to the authorities.

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